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Restaurant Management System

Installation + License : 400$
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General Features
  • Simple and user friendly design
  • Authentication by using password
  • Unlimited menus, categories and products
  • Creating product and product groups
  • Taking order by clicking on the product pictures
  • Taking order by option, price and quantity
  • Gift, cancel and void features
  • Grouping, splitting and merging orders
  • Fast sale feature from cash register
  • Printing from cash register and kitchen printers
  • Settling by cash, credit card, currency and voucher
  • Transfering payments as a dept to the current accounts
  • Designing table layouts
  • Changing, transfering and merging tables
  • Summary of day, sales and collection reports
  • Inventory actions, warnings and reports
  • Confirmation of inventory limits by periodic check
  • Back up, restore and cloud synchronization
Common Features
  • Sale by scales
  • Product search in menu
  • Sale by barcode
  • Gifting and cancelling
  • Using pre-defined gift
  • Adding sub-menu features automatically
  • Defining sub-feature page
  • Using devices vertical and horizontal
  • Adding special notes for orders
  • Adding notes to tickets
  • Discount authority
Printing Features
  • Using unlimited ticket printers
  • Using unlimited kitchen printers
  • Search in menu
  • Sale with barcode
  • Gifting and cancelling by authority
  • Pre-defined product gifting
  • Adding submenu features automatically
Common Features for Restaurants
  • Opening sub-ticket for one table
  • Product search in menu
  • Grouping, splitting and merging orders
  • Splitting payments
  • Receiving payments in foreign currencies
Common Features for Fast Food
  • Adding quick buttons for payment
  • Customizable numerator
  • Transferring fast food ticket to table
  • Merging tickets
Takeaway Features
  • Delivery tracking
  • Caller ID support
  • Identifing location on map
  • Delivery time tracking
Account System Features
  • Defining unlimited accounts
  • Definig unlimited transaction documents
  • Payables and receivables
  • Customizable account screens
Inventory / Cost Features
  • Periodic cost calculation
  • Adding unlimited product
  • Adding unlimited unit to product
  • Defining sub-product
  • Creating detailed receipt