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Our Approach

We help our client to reach people through a strategy. It all starts with understanding the client. By listening to the client and understanding his vision, we help him to discover what he needs to make his business succeed. We plan and design for him a successful and customized strategy that meets his needs. We then mobilize our teams to either utilize the digital tools at our disposal, or develop and create new digital tools to implement the strategy, by working closely with client along the way to make sure we meet his vision.
Our success relies on our ability to be insightful, to identify patterns, and to create ideas that are both meaningful and functional in order to narrow the gap between the brands and the customer the client seeking to engage.
Through a continuous process of exploration, ideation, and experimentation, we deliver innovative, effective, actionable, and tangible strategies to construct and empower client business.
We constantly monitor, evaluate, and reevaluate our designs testing their ability to generate new, innovative avenues for growth that are grounded in business viability and market desirability.

Our Methodology

Every solution we create is based on a strategy for our client to engage his client. We work closely with him to develop a strategy that meets his vision, using the innovative digital tools we create to suit his business needs. We use creativity and technology to achieve our ends.
We design iteratively and involve clients throughout the process, because we understand that creativity is iterative and must be adaptive to be effective. We are process-oriented in our design thinking approach to ensure the highest quality product, and we are broad in our solution set to ensure that no digital stone is left unturned.

Development & Advertising Company located in Lebanon .
IPublish makes it easy for brands and businesses to become an integral part of their customers’ lifestyle


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